Trade Europe Global – European Business Directory

The best way to maximize profit as a business man or woman in Europe is to get listed in the European business directory – well this is a known fact. But, there are still some businesses not listed in the various business directories. Everyone should utilize this avenue since it provides a reference for all […]

Tenders in the European Union

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) provides tenders information for businesses throughout Europe. The OJEU superseded the Official Journal of the European Community in 1993 with the establishment of the European Union, and in 1997 it ended its printed journal and became fully digitized. The OJEU lists all tenders over the EU-established limit […]

Online VAT Training Courses: Meeting Modern Challenges in the European Business Scene

Keeping staff updated on issues concerning VAT is among the most pressing challenges faced by today’s businesses, particularly those operating throughout Europe, and perhaps the best way to face this challenge is to enroll key personnel in applicable VAT training courses. In an ideal business setting, accounting and finance staff are naturally knowledgeable, proactive, and […]